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Whitson said that it was unbelievable that he won the jackpot again, and he was just lucky. He also said that heplay golden lottery loves to buy lottery tickets, and of course he is willing to win.

The man called himself "Greg-M" and was an employee of the local supermarket "KingSoopers". Last Friday, Greg received the prize in front of the shop where he bought the lottery ticket and told how he won the prize. Last Wednesday, Greg checked the lottery numbers after getting up. All 6 numbers matched exactly. Greg once suspected that he was dazzled, so he had to wake up his 77-year-old mother to help him check the lottery.

Before the last lottery draw (see previous post) there are 2 or more results/hit values ​​with the last lottery result. It may be that the generator/random formula may draw out 2/3 lines every month until 37/36 is found. Can we subtract the total score (37/43) from the 37/100 combination? (37%/41%). (37%/41%).

U.S. woman stolen credit card purchases with millions of dollars in prize money confiscated

ngthejackpot will grow to 78 million US dollars. Since no one will match all six digits correctly in the Saturday draw, and because no one will match all six digits correctly, the prize pool will grow to $81 million.

When asked about the winning secrets, Harvey said that he likes to use a computer to analyze the winning numbers of past periods, but he doesn't like keeping the numbers, but often changes the betting numbers. However, after becoming a billionaire, Harvey is no longer as keen on buying lottery tickets as he used to be. Instead, hplay golden lotterye usually waits until the prize pool is large, and often invests heavily.

Recently, according to US media reports, the two ladies have just hit the lottery lottery ticket with a top prize of US$8.3 million (approximately RMB 57 million). In an interview, they said that their biggest wish is to go home and buy a house.